Who We Are

SkyFinancial offers the most flexible, debt-free financing option for your customers. With SkyFinancial, your customers can shop for the items they love and pay for them over time.

We use cutting edge technology to streamline the point-of-sale process and ensure a positive experience for you, your customers, and your salespeople.

We will help you to:

  • Increase Your Customer Base
  • Drive Additional Revenue
  • Reduce Layaways
  • Boost Customer Retention

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Expand Your Customer Base

Offer your customers ultimate payment flexibility regardless of credit score. With SkyFinancial, your customers can take home the items they love and pay for them in small increments over time.

Drive More Sales

Empower your customers to shop with confidence. With SkyFinancial, your customers will know exactly how much they have available to spend, and can shop with the assurance they’ll be able to take home the items they love.

Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Your brand is important to us. Whether online or in-store, we want your customers to have the same great shopping experience.
We offer two quick and discreet financing solutions:

  • API Enabled Application for e-commerce
  • Seamless Web Based Application for in-store shopping

Customers never leave your brand environment, giving you complete control over a streamlined point-of-sale process.

Say goodbye to cumbersome contracts, offsite applications, and embarrassing forms. With our simple application and instant decisioning, your customers will experience a seamless check-out process.

Cutting-Edge Underwriting

Want to expand your loyal customer base? We can help.
More than 50% of US customers have credit scores below 620, making them ineligible for prime financing options.
We’ve underwritten millions of sub and near-prime customers. Our robust consumer credit risk underwriting expertise enables our retailer partners to greatly expand their universe of customers.

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How It Works

Customers complete a seamless application during checkout, get a decision in seconds, enjoy their items, then pay in convenient installments over time.
This allows customers who love your product to bring your brand into their lives with payments that fit their budget.

Retailers FAQ's

Find answers to questions about the solution and SkyFinancial.


Why SkyFinancial?

We offer one of the only comprehensive leasing finance solutions that is functional across both e-commerce and brick and mortar retail environments. Paired with SkyFinancial’s expertise in algorithmic underwriting and customer service, our infrastructure offers access to a greater range of customers, while increasing the purchasing power of your existing customer base.

How does it work?

Whether in-store, or on your website, your customers will fill out a simple application, place their order, and electronically sign their lease agreement. Once you confirm the merchandise is delivered, SkyFinancial will fund your account.

How soon will I get funded?

The funding process begins as soon as delivery is confirmed. Once you’ve confirmed the items have been delivered, we will fund your account within 48 business hours.

Do you provide training?

SkyFinancial provides complimentary training to you and your associates. We will make sure you know exactly how to offer our financing solution to your customers.

How quickly can I get started?

Once your company has enrolled, you can begin offering SkyFinancial Lease to Own immediately. We will provide all the training necessary for you and your sales team.

Do customers make payments to my store?

No. All payments are made directly to SkyFinancial.

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